The Mountain Route Hike

Approx 4 hours leisurely walk

Please take sufficient water with you as sometimes the streams run dry, especially in winter. binoculars and camera are essential!

This trail is marked with large white do ts and starts behind the house at the gate near the shed.

It takes you on the farm road past the dairy and stone kraal, crossing the district road and directly opposite, through a large gate, with a ‘PRIVATE’ sign on it, towards the shearing shed and Water Mill.

Keeping the mill on your right and shed on your left, you follow the mountain road which gradually climbs, getting steeper as one gets higher up. After approx. 1km, the trail branches off to the left leaving the mountain road

Following the markers you soon leave the drier thorn scrub and reach a more moist and lush area, where wild olives, white stinkwoods proliferate.

After a short climb, you suddenly notice that again the vegetation has changed, to more open grassveld.

This pattern repeats itself as the trail takes you into the indigenous forests and then out again onto the open grassy ridge of the mountain where you can enjoy beautiful views down the valley looking towards the dams, homesteads and with Avon Head on the opposite side of the valley. The Knysna Lourie makes itself heard with a raucous yet tantalizing call.

Baboons will also call out as they notice you in their territory! The rare Bush Black Cap has been seen on this route and numerous other species of birds including the Narina trogon. Eventually the trail winds down past a reservoir and Somerset East comes into view . Should you wish to find a vantage point, bear right a few paces on the rocky ridge. (A good breather spot!) Do not bear left towards the feed troughs. The trail takes you across the flattened top of ‘The Plaat’ which overlooks the town, the boundary fence with town commonage can be clearly observed on your right. The trail follows a farm track which at times especially in summer when the grass is long, is not always clear.

However it is difficult to ‘get lost’!

Make your way towards another small white reservoir and then bear left across open grassveld. Keep your eyes open for the white markers...they are there! Passing through 2 gates, one then starts descending and the trail is now clearer. Eventually the trail joins up with the old road to the town, and one must turn left. Following this road, for about 2-300m, it meets up with the district road directly opposite the ‘Glen Avon’ turnoff. Straight down our drive and you are back 'home'!


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