The Heritage Walk

This walk takes approximately 1 and a half hours to complete is marked with red dots along the way.

This gentle meander takes you down to the river via the family cemetery. I would have liked to call it the Cemetry Stroll but perhaps not everyone enjoys looking at gravestones!

Look for the start of the Red dots to the left of the swimming pool at the little garden gate. As you go through the gate bear right and the left again, walking down the avenue of oak trees, with the Lucerne fields on your right. Only about 150m down this road, the cemetry comes into view. For those who are interested in having a look at the Vault which is a unique feature of our graveyard, please feel free to go into the graveyard and follow the little path which takes you down to the Hart Vault. Inscriptions on the vault indicate clearly which members of the Hart family are buried inside the vault.

You may then continue, following the markers down to the river. This is an ideal spot to sit and enjoy the peace and quiet for a while. Crossing the river, the route takes you through pastures to another gate, which then leads into a camp consisting of riverine vegetation. This is a favourite area for bushbuck. Keep your eyes open for a very tall (the tallest in fact) pine tree in which Crowned Eagles have built a nest. They are often seen perching in this tree. One can choose here, either to follow the river or to walk along a path which is above the river bank. If you decide to follow the river, it is best to keep on the left side.

On the right hand side of the river, in an open patch one can see a little brick building. This is the Meter House which dates back to the days when Glen Avon supplied water to the Railways, and the water was measured as it passed through big 5 and 6 inch pipes at this point.

Look for the red dots which will lead you across the river on the bridge carrying these pipes. Climbing over the fence at this point, the route will take you into a kikuyu pasture which is below the other main house, called ”The Old Homestead” and Hart Cottage. So even if you cannot see any markers, you are almost back where you started, with Pecan Cottage coming into view ahead on the left.


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